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Funding for companies from 20,000 to 50 million euros, more than 40 Finnish and international financing sources
Funding for companies from 20,000 to 50 million euros, more than 40 Finnish and international financing sources

Yrahoitus offers funding application services to both SMEs and large corporations in Finland. Whether you are looking for funding to the tune of 20,000 or 50 million euros, our financial experts help you find a funding solution quickly and efficiently.

The possible funding needs include:

  • working capital
  • investments (for example, machines/production facilities)
  • funding for construction
  • property development
  • funding for corporate deals
  • line of credit
  • invoice factoring
  • guarantees or other similar arrangements for the construction stage
  • bonds
  • bank funding
  • junior loans
  • syndicated loans


The success of our operations is based on our understanding of the customer’s funding needs and key figures, our thorough knowledge of business and our extensive network of investors. Through our services, our customers gain access to more than 40 Finnish and international financing sources.

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As our funding application services entail a process with several steps, we expect our customers to commit to our collaboration right from the signing of the service agreement. The customer’s designated financial consultant is always assisted by Yrahoitus’s experienced production team, which offers support in the production of materials and actively fosters relationships with several investors.

The service process includes the following steps: first, a description of the funding need is prepared in collaboration with the customer, which is then presented to selected investors. If the investors express interest in the investment opportunity, Yrahoitus prepares funding applications, after which the customer receives the first funding offers for approval. If the customer approves an offer, a funding agreement is signed by the customer and the investor, and the funds are transferred directly to the customer’s account.

While funding can be arranged as quickly as within a few business days, larger investments may take two to four weeks to secure, with the time frame varying between cases.

Yrahoitus charges a basic fee of EUR 1,990 and a success fee of 4% of the funding obtained.

Yrahoitus is a financing consultant company, the operations of which are subject to regulation by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. We do not offer investment, fund or guarantee services.

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